Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photographer: Steve McCurry

In not less than 4 pages write on any photographer of your choice and do a photo appreciation of some of his works

Photographer: Steve McCurry
Researcher: Jennifer Ehidiamen
Photo Journalism Class 2008
The Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NIJ)
Lecturer: Boye Ola
Reason: Steve McCurry is an example of an excellent documentarian. In his works, he portrayed how one’s passion can make a resounding impact when channeled towards a right course.
As a photojournalist, McCurry has exhibited outstanding characteristics of both a photographer and a journalist. For instance, his sense of adventure was seen, a typical characteristic of a journalist, when he crossed into a rebelled controlled Afghanistan to take pictures, which was used to disseminate news about a war that was initially unknown to the rest of the world.

His photography skill also came into play when he immortalized the haunted eyes of a twelve years old refugee in a camp on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The picture became one of the most widely reproduced in the world.
McCurry also showed sense of uniqueness when after fifteen years he tracked down the girl (now a woman) and retook her picture. He is indeed a photojournalist with a difference and this has endeared him to so many people, including me.

(A big thank you to Ron Lange who first told me about Steve and sent me a copy of the National Geographic magazine with the picture of the Afghan girl). Read the complete report here

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